Toyo Open Country A20
All Season

Toyo Open Country A20

The Toyo Open Country A20 is an all-season tire that is made for SUVs, light trucks, crossovers and some vans. It combines great handling while also offering a smooth ride. The Open Country A20 performs well in most weather environments including light snow.

Toyo Open Country A20 Tire Specs chart

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Size Diameter Width Tread Depth Tread Width Rim Range Load Range Max Load Max psi Weight Revs Mile
225/65R17 28.5" 8.9" 10/32" 6.5" NA SL 1819 lbs 44 psi 27 lbs 708 Show Specs
P245/65R17 29.6" 9.8" 10/32" 7.2" NA SL 2039 lbs 44 psi 33 lbs 703 Show Specs
235/55R18 28.2" 9.3" 10/32" 9" NA SL 1709 lbs 44 psi 27 lbs 716 Show Specs
P245/55R19 29.8" 9.7" 10/32" 9.2" NA SL 1929 lbs 44 psi 33 lbs 697 Show Specs

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