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Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ Radial 395/70R16
Off Road/Mud Terrain
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Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ Radial - 395/70R16

Extreme off-roaders will enjoy the Baja MTZ Radial. This mud tire offers great handling and a nice ride on the highway. It has the Power Ply sidewalls and angled third ply that combine to improve towing, increase performance handling and are puncture resistant. The Baja MTZ Radial is designed for a smooth ride and high mileage. The tire has superior traction for many weather conditions. The Mickey Thompson 395/70R16 Baja MTZ Radial has a diameter of 37.9" and a width of 16", it is mounted on a 16" rim with 532 revolutions per mile. Baja MTZ Radial 395/70R16 tires weigh 93 lbs, have a max load of 3415 lbs, have a maximum PSI of 35 psi, have a tread depth of 23/32" and should be used with a rim width of 10-12".

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Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ Radial 395/70R16 Tire Specs

Size Diameter Width Tread Depth Tread Width Rim Range Load Range Max Load Max psi Weight Revs/Mile
LT395/70R16 37.9" 16" 23/32" 12.2" 10-12" C 3415 lbs 35 psi 93 lbs 532 Show Specs

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