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General Altimax Arctic 245/70R17
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General Altimax Arctic - 245/70R17

The General AltiMAX Artic is a winter tire made for crossovers, SUVs, coupes and sedans. It is molded to accept metal studs and is siped to accommodate wet driving environments. The AltiMAX Artic handles well in all weather conditions including rain and snow. The General 245/70R17 Altimax Arctic has a diameter of 30.5" and a width of 9.8", it is mounted on a 17" rim with 681 revolutions per mile. Altimax Arctic 245/70R17 tires weigh 36 lbs, have a max load of 2337 lbs, have a maximum PSI of 44 psi, have a tread depth of 12/32" and should be used with a rim width of 6.5-8".

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General Altimax Arctic 245/70R17 Tire Specs

Size Diameter Width Tread Depth Tread Width Rim Range Load Range Max Load Max psi Weight Revs/Mile
245/70R17 30.5" 9.8" 12/32" 7.5" 6.5-8" SL 2337 lbs 44 psi 36 lbs 681 Show Specs

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Altimax Arctic
Altimax Arctic
Avg. $138.50Find Best Price >>

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