BFGoodrich Krawler T/A KX
Off Road/Mud Terrain

BFGoodrich Krawler T/A KX

The BF Goodrich Krawler T/A KX is a rock-crawling tire that is super tough. The carcass has a deep-lug tread pattern and grippy compound that is excellent in grabbing onto the most uneven surfaces for great traction. The Krawler T/A KX handles mud, dirt and rocks easily and is puncture resistant.

BFGoodrich Krawler T/A KX Tire Specs chart

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Size Diameter Width Tread Depth Tread Width Rim Range Load Range Max Load Max psi Weight Revs Mile
35X13.5R15LT 35" 13.8" 22/32" NA 8.5-11" C 2600 lbs 35 psi 74 lbs 594 Show Specs
37X12.5R17LT 37" 12.9" 22/32" 10" 8.5-11" C 2755 lbs 35 psi 77 lbs 562 Show Specs
39X13.5R17LT 38.5" 13.6" 22/32" 10.6" 8.5-11" C 3195 lbs 35 psi 83 lbs 540 Show Specs
40X14.5R17LT 39.5" 14.7" 22/32" NA 10-12" C 3195 lbs 35 psi 86 lbs 526 Show Specs
42X14.50R20 41.5" 14.50" 22/32" NA 10-12" NA 3640 lbs 35 psi NA 486 Show Specs

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